LA Noir Reviews Unleashed                                                                                       

TVG 10-10                      
Guardian 10-10
GamePro 5-5
GameSpot 9-10 
IGN - 8.5-10
CVG - 8.9-10
1UP A - A+
Eurogamer 8-10

Witcher 2 on Consoles: Developers Promise to Try

Now that is a PC game to be jealous of if you are a console-only gamer.Hopefully it does make its way over to us.

 Parts of PSN Back Online

Kazuo Hirai Announces Partial Aspects of PSN Back online 

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 15 Minutes of LA Noir Gameplay
First 15 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming title published by Rockstar Games.
Gotta say, it looks very good! Pick up your copy May 17th

Special Pach Attack episode - Playstation network
Pachter addresses everything you want to know about the PlayStation Network outage! Why was it down so long? Will we be compensated? All this and more in the 25 minute PSN Outage of 2011 Special

13 Minutes of Epic Starhawk Gameplay

G4TV has some Footage given to them by Lightbox Interactive, developers of Starhawk, set to release sometime in 2012

Metric 07 - Collect Call.mp3


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